Coming from a lifelong and passionate career of drawing and animating horses and animals, Maureen was searching for a new and unique way to market her work, as well as incorporating her love of cartoons within her equine product line. After years of experience selling her paintings, drawings,apparel and other horsey related items at prestigious Equine Events throughout North America, she decided to package and showcase her exciting new endeavors under one roof and Equine Frenzy© was born. 
Fine Art, Sculpture, Cartoons, Animation...Custom Commissioned Paintings of Animals, Famous Horses, or for the rest of us, not-so-famous horses. We do it all here at Equine Frenzy© and all our designs have style, class and are Best in Show Champions!

The Equine and Animal Artistry of Maureen Shelleau has been a cornerstone of the horse-crazed fine arts and entertainment market for over 40 years.. Equine Frenzy is a new brand of products, created specifically for horse enthusiasts offering horse-related apparel and gifts, custom designs, books and animation. We take great pride in our love and respect of horses and will be engaging with rescue organizations and educational facilities to promote understanding and kindness to all horse.! With a vast history of horse experience, coupled with a unique unique and versatile portfolio of artistic endeavors, Equine Frenzy© is sure to delight and entertain equine-frenzied people of all ages!

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The Lords of Legend', Oil Painting (Secretariat, Northern Dancer and Man o' War) was featured at Horse Shows on the Bay in Traverse City.

'Captors of the Crown'

OIl Painting in Progress

Canadian Triple Crown Winners

With Approval, Izvestia, Dance Smartly,

Petesky and Wando.

To understand an animal is an art by itself. To be privileged enough to have an emotional bond with one is a blessing. To capture the spirit of the animal in hopes that we may have a better understanding of and appreciate our companionships with these beloved creatures... that's as priceless as an epiphany.

Backed by three arts degrees, Maureen Shelleau's portfolio is a versatile arrangement of high realism animal paintings, wildlife and nature photography, animation, comics and sculptures. Her paintings and prints of famous race horses are collected around the globe and hang in private homes, prestigious Racetracks and Museums across North America.

Over the course of her career, Maureen has also benefited many international charities and continues to support animal welfare and educational organizations from around the world through the proceeds of her art. 

Maureen resides on her 16 acre hobby farm and art studio, just outside of Sault Sainte Marie, along with her menagerie of rescued animals. Maureen also teaches Concept Art and Animation at Sault College (Ontario) and at Lake State University (Michigan). She is currently working on a series of children's books about her rescued animals and is also making plans to open her own animation and art school in the near future.

~The Equine Artistry of Maureen Shelleau~