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Kids of all ages will have fun with our EquineFrenzy Apparel Line! Children's Books, Animation, Comic Strips, Posters, Educational Items, How To Draw Horses, horse care things, and much more! 

Logos, Mascots & Book Illustration, Murals and Animation

Your company can benefit from outstanding logo and character mascot designs! Let us help your small business, corporation, stable or organization shine with striking, memorable & professional branding, Or, give life to your new book or website with whimsical or realistic illustrations or animation!


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Custom Equine Portraiture and Commissioned Art 

As mentioned above,

all projects are unique and pricing is arranged once the scope of the project has been determined by the client and the artist.

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Please contact us
to discuss your

portraits. Pricing is as unique as the animals portrayed, so terms are negotiated on an individual bases, depending on your vision. 

Commissioned Portraits &

Limited Edition Prints

Fine Art Portraiture in Oil, Pastel,

Graphite and Sculpture. Renowned

International Animal Artist, Maureen Shelleau captures the beauty, spirit and essence of your beloved animal companions. Signed Print Editions and Commemorative Series Editions.